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Injury victims face serious personal and financial consequences surrounding their claims for: bodily injury; pain and suffering; disability; scarring; medical bills; lost wages; property damage; rental car; vehicle depreciation; medical payments insurance coverage; and health insurance coverage.
Injury victims also face “Hidden Pitfalls” under North Carolina law. If you have been injured, your claim could be denied (i.e., no money offered to you), or result in being offered less money than you are owed for your claims. Insurance Companies use certain tactics as their “stock in trade.” For example, when the Insurance Company wants a “Recorded Statement” from you as part of their “Investigation” they are searching for “Fault” on your part for this crash. Should they conclude that you are even partially at fault (e.g. 1% for this crash), they will “Deny” your claim and you will receive no compensation of any kind, even though the other person was mostly at “Fault” for your injuries!
There is more you need to know about the Insurance Company’s “Investigation.” In addition to searching for “Fault”, any discussion of your previous medical, employment, and/or crash history during a “Recorded Statement” or during any part of their “Investigation”, will be used against you to justify offering you less money than you are owed. This is why you must not speak with any Insurance Company representative, nor give their assigned “Insurance Adjuster” a “Recorded Statement” without me being present! You simply must avoid these pitfalls!
Attorney Porter is an experienced trial attorney with knowledge of all North Carolina Personal Injury, Property Damage, Insurance Policy, Motor Vehicle and Premises Liability laws applicable to your accident claims.
As your Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney in Fayetteville, he promises to immediately:

  • Shield you from the “Hidden Pitfalls” of your claim investigated by the “Insurance Adjuster”;
  • Advance your personal and financial rights for compensation against the insurance company;
  • Help you find a doctor who will treat you on credit during your recovery and throughout the claims process;
  • Assist you with getting your vehicle repaired and obtaining a rental car; and
  • Keep you informed about your case status.

Please call The Michael Porter Law Firm today toll free at (910) 339-3131 for your free no-obligation consultation with a Fayetteville personal injury attorney. All cases are taken on a “Contingent Fee” basis. Therefore, we do not get paid, unless you get paid. Saturday appointments are available upon special request for your convenience.
Representative Cases for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death:

  • Successfully obtained insurance policy limits on behalf of client whom was ran over by a negligent driver which resulted in a long hospital stay for the client and which caused permanent injury to the client’s legs.
  • Successfully defended orthopedic surgeon at jury trial accused of civil assault & battery against a fellow surgeon for allegedly causing a broken jaw. Mr. Porter’s client was being sued for $1million in damages.
  • Successfully obtained insurance policy limits from negligent driver and UM/UIM insurance policy for client grievously injured as a result of two Ft. Bragg soldiers “drag racing” through the streets of Fayetteville, N.C. at speeds that ultimately caused the deaths of two of the race participants.
  • Co-counsel on team of attorneys that together obtained $325,000.00 in a settlement from Bladen County for the estate of a man whom was “Tasered” to death by sheriff’s deputies. Attorney Porter was interviewed and featured on the front page of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, and was interviewed and featured in the Fayetteville Observer.
  • Successfully defended fast-food chain in a premises liability wrongful death trial alleging negligent lack of security which resulted in a complete jury verdict for the defense.

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